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Project Description
Turtle Logo for Kids teaches kids step by step the basic of computers programmong. LOGO is a computer programming language used for functional programming, and is used for generating basic shapes using a turtle cursor.
It's developed in C# on Silverlight using Visual Studio 2010.

Turtle Logo for Kids was developed for children experimenting their first programming steps. It guides kids step by step with the basics of computers programming.

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Logo's best-known feature is the turtle, which is an on-screen cursor, which can be given movement and drawing instructions, and is used to programmatically produce line graphics.

As a father of twin daughters at age 7, I developed this program to teach my daughters the basics of programming through a game that makes use of geometric shapes, just as they would draw these lines and shapes on a paper.

Visual Studio 2010 + Silverlight 4 is a great tool for this purpose, since it easily enables programming short movements in a very short time.

My vision is that this game will generate the next generation of developers, and maybe the kids playing today with Turtle Logo for Kids will be the future developers in Visual Studio 2020.

online demo at

Turtle Logo for Kids Syntax
Standard Commands
fd <n> – Move the turtle forward by <n> steps.
bk <n> – Move the turtle backward by <n> steps.
rt <n> – Rotate the Turtle <n> degrees to the right.
lt <n> – Rotate the Turtle <n> degrees to the left.
repeat <n> –repeat the transaction within the parenthesis.
color – change the color of the drawing line in a loop from a list of selected colors.

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